In some cases, the member of a union or professional organization can terminate membership when they see fit. However, most Colorado school districts with collective bargaining agreements have negotiated limitations on when teachers can stop their automatic membership dues deductions. If your school district has a collective bargaining agreement then first check the agreement to see if it has provisions that regulate revoking membership. You can also contact your association and the district for timelines and procedures. If you are interested in finding alternatives to union membership that include liability insurance coverage you can read about options here.

Teachers are not required to join a union or pay an agency fee. The United States Supreme Court in Janus vs AFSCME held that “[n]either an agency fee nor any other payment to the union may be deducted from a nonmember’s wages, nor may any other attempt be made to collect such a payment, unless the employee affirmatively consents to pay. If you are not a union member and teach in Colorado Springs District 11, Pueblo 60, Pueblo 70, or in Alamosa you should now be set free from opting out every year to avoid paying a fee equivalent to union dues. Read more here.