About the Postcard or Email Message You Received: Political Refunds from CEA & (maybe) Your Local

Did you receive a postcard like this one in the mail (or maybe an email with information on the Colorado Education Association’s $39 Every Member Option political refund)?

Click on the postcard for more information about requesting one or more refunds before the December 15 deadline.

OR Watch this 2-minute video explanation by a Jefferson County teacher:

OR Listen to an overview of the Every Member Option and some frequently asked questions on a 3-minute podcast by clicking the play button below (if you can’t see the player, or it doesn’t work, click here to listen):

Please visit our “Political Refunds” page for the detailed information on when and how to submit a request. For information on related topics, please check out the links on the left sidebar.

This information is provided by the Independence Institute as a public service.

December 15 deadline for Colorado Education Association Members to Request Political Refund

In this 2-minute video, a Jefferson County teacher advertises the Independent Teachers site and tells interested Colorado Education Association members how they can get refunds from CEA ($39) and their local unions (as much as $24) before December 15:

To learn how to obtain the political refunds, including a link to the online request form and refund request contact information, go here.

Or you can go directly to CEA’s Every Member Option refund request page here.

December 15: Political Refund Deadline for Colorado Education Association Members

The busy Christmas season is upon us. As the winter holiday break rushes closer and closer, members of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) may forget about – if they’re even aware of – the opportunity to receive a refund of the Every Member Option (EMO) political contribution deducted along with their dues.

To get back the $39 EMO from CEA, members can go here to this simple online request form.

You can find more information on the CEA refund – or separate EMO refunds available to CEA members in Jefferson County ($24), Denver ($24), Adams 12 ($24), Pueblo 60 ($24), Boulder Valley ($12), Poudre ($11), St. Vrain ($10), Pueblo, or Mesa Valley ($6) – on the Political Refunds page.

You will find sample letters you can download and print from your computer that can be filled out quickly and easily, and dropped in the mail. In some cases, it’s even easier: There’s an email address to which you can send your refund request. Again, you will find this information on the Political Refunds page.

You can click here to compare how CEA and its local affiliates spent member money on political campaigns in 2008 with other membership organizations Colorado teachers are eligible to join.

Click here to submit a question by email concerning any of the information on IndependentTeachers.org.

Introducing Independent Teachers

The one-stop informational home for Colorado educators who want to know their options is back in business. Here’s a quick tour of what the site has to offer, with more updates and improvements slated to come:

  • About This Site introduces readers to why Independent Teachers was created, and some responses from teachers who appreciate the unique informational service
  • Membership Options gives Colorado teachers a thorough listing of the different unions, professional organizations, and other insurance options available – encouraging teachers to make the most informed choice they can
  • Revoking Membership provides details on when and how teachers can opt out of organizations to which they no longer wish to belong – in some cases, they have only two weeks out of the year to make this decision
  • Political Contributions breaks down which organizations give member money to political campaigns and how much
  • Political Refunds tells teachers who belong to the organizations that give their money to political campaigns how they can get it back, including the different Every Member Option refunds and their deadlines

Your feedback is always appreciated. You may contact us at teacher -at- i2i.org.

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